Why You Should Not Wear Glasses

Are you wearing glasses all the time? Do you read in glasses? Well, here are the reasons why you should not. I understand that it’s not easy and sometimes not even feasible to discard glasses completely but do yourself a favour and spend at least part of the day without glasses.

Ok, here are what the minus glasses do to us (the minus is the worst and does most the damage so I’ll concentrate on that). They lock our sight in a fixed state defined by your prescription and it leads to stiffening of the muscle and staring. Staring is a sign of bad vision.

The minus glasses makes everything look smaller and the objects look closer so while you are doing close work like reading and writing your lens tries to accommodate more than usual. That leads to near-point stress.

The plus-glasses theory is based on this fact. In fact its proponents recommend you wear plus glasses while you are doing any close work because the plus glasses in contrast make everything look bigger and farther away and that relieves or eliminates near-point stress.
They don’t look pretty. I know some of you think that they look distinguished in glasses but believe me that is not the case. A person always looks better without glasses. That scholar look is a malicious propaganda.

They sweat in the wet weather. It’s just plain nuisance.

They makes everything look distorted. This is especially noticeable if you have higher degrees of myopia. They limit your visual field so you ability to shift naturally slows down. They make you dependent. That, of course, is not good.

Most of these reasons apply equally well to contact lenses and while some problems with contacts are eliminated the other ones arise. Namely, contact lenses cut the flow of oxygen to your eyes and that can lead to serious problems later on. And perhaps the most annoying problem with lenses is that you can’t take them off and on easily like you do with glasses.

So I suggest you take off your glasses whenever you can like walking down the street, riding a car as a passenger and if you can, read without glasses. If you wear less than -2 D. take them off and start practicing natural vision improvement methods. The vision can be regained, the earlier you start, the better your chances are and the quicker will be the improvement.