Designer Glasses Compared With Generic Brand – It’s All About the Money

If you have ever pondered about designer eyewear compared with generic brand glasses the one thing you need to know is that it is all about the money. Buying designer anything is fun and if we were all rich there would be no question as to buying designer labels over generic ones, but when it comes to spectacles the most important aspect is the lens quality. That is where you want most of the money to go. Today everyone makes nice fashionable frames. This is because the market demands that frames be chic and stylish.

Glasses have become an accessory as much as a vision aid and designer frames compared with generic brand ones are really not an issue. If for some reason you like wasting money then sure go ahead and buy designer frames. But the truth is those frames are no better and in some cases may be worse than generic glasses. It’s not lie in the old days when generic glasses meant you looked like Miss Beazley after rough night. These days generic brands are just as fashion forward as designers only without the price. You are indeed paying for the name when you buy designer glasses. And, you have to ask yourself whether or not that name is worth all the extra money. Technology and market demand has made the argument of designer spectacles compared with generic brand glasses a moot point. You can get the same quality and great designs of designer frames with generic brands. There are so many styles and designs offered these days that finding a pair of glasses that suits your budget while making you look great is easy. Even for those people who have high prescriptions, there are stylish generic frames available. This is great because in the past designer glasses tended to not be available for people with real bad eye sight. But technology has made it so generic brands can design great looking frames for any prescription.

There is really no argument to designer frames compared with generic brand glasses any longer. If you want to throw your money out then designer glasses are for you but if you want to be economically responsible then you can feel and look just as good with generic brands of glasses. Remember though, spend the money on the lenses they are by far the most important part of the eye glasses.