Enjoy New 3D TV Without Eyeglasses

To many people, the term of 3D is undoubtedly the hottest word in filmland. It is beyond dispute that most people could still remember the excitement in seeing the 3D movie Avatar with 3D glasses last year. However, those with certain vision impairment find uncomfortable in wearing 3D glasses.

But to our delight, a new 3D tech is coming to the market. And the latest 7-inch TV has the Nintendo 3DS like screen got much attention recently. Besides, the audience could enjoy the program without any eyeglasses with the help of this new technology.

This new TV set adopts parallax barrier which is fixed to a commercial LCD panel so as to allow the viewer to see the 3D images. By dividing the LCD image into repeating segments, the viewer could see the pictures as the ordinary ones.

Before the new 3D technology, it is essential to put on the heavy 3D glasses during the film, as they will feed different images into your eyes, and then the brain correlate the two images together. With the help of the magic 3D glasses, the movie or television you are watching look like the real scene just happening in front of you. It seemed that the flying objects are flying to you, and the savage animals are running to grab you, all these make you feel like being a part of the scene. That is also why so many people prefer 3D movies.

Unluckily, quite a few feel discomfort in eyes towards the special eyewear. Eye dry, eye fatigue, headache, nausea, etc are the most common symptoms. And also, many ophthalmologists strongly suggest certain group keep away from 3D movies, including those with heterometropia, heterotropia, angle-closure glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. With the above new 3D tech, all the people are able to enjoy vivid three-dimensional film unfetteredly.

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