How to Choose the Right Eyeglasses For You

Many factors play a role in choosing eyeglass lenses. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your eyewear is their effect on your daily activities, including work, active play or even a quiet night with a book. Most importantly, you need sharp vision, but above all, you need eyewear that you can rely on in all circumstances. The most common lenses are Anti-Reflection and Progressive. Anti-Reflective lenses reduce the distracting reflections on the lens surface, increasing the amount of light that reaches the eye. This results in better vision in any light.

Remember when you needed just one pair of glasses to see down the road, read a book, or look across the room? Then something started to happen, you could read the newspaper but the TV was out of focus. Suddenly, it seemed like you would need two, or even three pairs of glasses just to view the world naturally again. Progressive lenses eliminate the need for several pairs of glasses. The multiple power zones of the Progressive lenses offer sharp, wide distance viewing, a smooth, wide intermediate zone and a clear, wide reading area.

Are your glasses constantly sliding down your nose because they are thick and heavy? Then before having them made, you may want to consider a high index material. Generally, lenses made from high index materials will be 50 percent thinner and 40 percent lighter than standard plastic lenses. So keep in mind, the higher your prescription the more important it is to request a high index material to ensure you will have the thinnest, lightest lenses possible.