Problem Killer of Rimless Eyeglasses

Nowadays, rimless eyeglasses are popular with the shortsighted people as they are aesthetic and light, as well as can provide a wider vision. It is known to all people who have wore rimless glasses that problems will show up after wearing them for some time, such as the looseness of the screws at the drilling place. In fact, this problem can be solved by paying attention to the following three points while assembling.

Attention to edge processing

The edge processing should be conducted to different extent. Use a marker to mark the hole position first, and when processing the edge, the sides which the lenses contact the frame and temples completely should be processed much on the edge, without the range beyond the metal covering part. When edge processing is conducted on other parts, they should be abraded lightly, with the edges of the lenses not sharp. In addition, the edge should not be processed too much, or the interference reflected light may occur and the aesthetics may be influenced.

Attention to drilling

In order to ensure the beauty of the eyewear, the hole positions on the glasses frame should be taken into account first. The upper parts of the left and right lenses should be guaranteed to be symmetric and balanced. When determining the hole positions on the temples, fold and pinch the left and right temples and then bend the hole positions to the lenses. After determining that they are balanced, use a marker to mark the hole positions and then drill.

Attention to the screws

The screws near the nose should be shorter than that on the internal surface of the lens. After the four screws and nuts are equipped, fold the temples and observe the balance. The nuts should not be screwed up until they are fine-tuned to be balanced.

After all the above points are guaranteed, use some 502 glue at the nuts to avoid loosing. And then a pair of secure rimless eyeglasses is made successfully.