Top 3 Innovations in Eyeglasses Vision

There have been quite a lot of innovations and new developments in the field of eyeglasses vision. What started off as basic eyeglasses to correct refractive lens vision such as short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism, has now see more innovations to better meet consumers needs and demands. The fierce competition between companies also stimulated much growth in new developments.

One of the best innovations is the introduction of synthetic glasses. One example of synthetic glasses material is polycarbonate. In general, new synthetic glasses are lighter and more durable than normal glasses. They can also allow help to filter out harmful UV rays to prevent them from harming your eyes.

The next top innovation is the scratch resistant layer or coating found on new lenses. This coating helps to prevent nasty scratches that can distort your vision. Synthetic lenses may not break as easily as normal glasses, but the vision will be marred if there are scratches.

Finally, the third top innovation is the anti reflective coating on lenses. Imagine someone taking a photo of you with your lenses reflecting the light from the flash. That will really spoil how you look in the photo. Hence, the anti reflective coating is there to eliminate this, and also for safety protection from reflection when you are driving at night.

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