Debunking Eyeglasses Myths

There are several myths regarding eyeglasses that go so far as to discourage people from wearing corrective eyewear. This article will help you separate fact from fiction so you can get the most out of your eyeglasses.

TRUE or FALSE? If you have glasses, but don’t wear them, your eyesight will deteriorate quicker…

The only negative effects of not wearing your glasses is that you won’t be able to see well and could develop eye strain and headaches, making this myth FALSE. Eye strain and headaches are temporary effects, and your vision will not be compromised.

TRUE or FALSE? Your eyesight will improve if you wear glasses…

This is a FALSE myth. Glasses only work to give you clear vision; they do not impact your prescription. If your prescription changes, it is not from wearing glasses.

TRUE or FALSE? It is damaging to your eyesight to wear over the counter reading glasses

This myth is tricky to debunk, but it is FALSE. Over the counter reading glasses do not hurt your eyesight. However, wearing the wrong over the counter prescription will cause eyestrain. While this does not alter your prescription, it can cause you unpleasant symptoms like headaches and dry eyes. The problem with OTC glasses is that they contain the same prescription in each lens, and many peoples’ eyes require two different prescriptions. If your eyes have drastically different prescription needs, OTC glasses probably aren’t for you.

TRUE or FALSE? Wearing glasses will cause your eyesight to worsen over time…

Most glasses wearers – both nearsighted and farsighted – experience deterioration of their eyesight over time. Many blame this deterioration on their glasses; however, this is FALSE. Especially in terms of presbyopia, which is the inability to focus on up-close objects, deterioration of eyesight is caused by the natural aging process.

There are many professionals who believe that this myth about eyeglasses stems from people who need glasses, but go for years without them. Once they finally get glasses and see well, they believe their vision is worse with their glasses off. However, what actually happens is the difference between seeing clearly and poorly becomes obvious.

In short, aging and other conditions can alter your eyesight. The only thing glasses do is aid in seeing clearly.