Eye Exercises Instead of Glasses – Can I Improve My Eyesight Naturally?

Treating poor eyesight with glasses as a mainstream way of curing a huge worldwide problem seems completely crazy to me. Why? Because it doesn’t cure the root cause of the problem, it simply covers it up, and since when has that been a good way to solve problems?

Would you put your trash in the cupboard?

I compare it to taking the trash out. Every time you fill up your garbage bag you take it outside and put it in the dustbin ready for garbage collection. How about in future I suggest to you that you don’t take the trash out in this way but you simply put it in the cupboard out of sight. Nobody knows it’s there, what’s the problem?

You would think that that’s a completely crazy thing to do, but yet if you think about it that’s what we’re doing with our eyes. Instead of addressing the root cause as to why we can’t see properly, we simply cover it up with a lens that refracts light for us so our eyes don’t have to. Just like in my example above, the rubbish would cause side effects (the smell being one of them), so does wearing glasses.

The consequences of glasses to your eyesight

If you wear glasses, you can expect year on year deterioration of your eyesight. Your eye muscles simply won’t get better, they will adapt to the new refracted light and will learn to see in the wrong way. That means you are becoming dependent on a man-made piece of apparatus.

The thing that really gets me, though, is that 90% of the time eyesight imperfections can be cured naturally with just a few minutes work each day. It only takes a few eye exercises and a small amount of understanding to be able to address and sharpen the focus in your eyes. It can take as little as a few weeks to notice drastic improvements. Yet people still pay $500 on average per year for the privilege of deteriorating eyesight.

So, Can I Improve my Eyesight Naturally?

The odds are greatly in your favour. The eye exercises can strengthen the muscles in your retina and alone will improve your vision. However, you’ll also strengthen the neural capacity between your brain and your eyes. You’ll do this by starting to pay attention to how you use your eyes and whether you’re actually using them how they’re designed to be used. It’s all very fascinating stuff and as a true skeptic I took some convincing. However, here I am years later with perfect vision despite being told by an optician that I needed glasses. Go figure.

Where Can I learn how to Improve My Eyesight Naturally?

There’s quite a lot of rubbish on the net with regards to eye training so you need to be careful which you choose to invest in. I always recommend the natural vision improvement guide called Vision Without Glasses for it’s step by step instructions and its notably high success rate. Click www.Cheapglasses123.com to learn more about Vision Without Glasses.