How Do I Know Which Eye Glasses Would Look Best on Me?

For many people that need to wear glasses, the most important aspect of choosing a new frame is how they look on your face. Now it is possible to try on every pair of eye glasses in the store and see how each one looks on your face, but a much simpler method would be to narrow down your choices in advance to save yourself both time and frustration. This is a very easy thing to do, you simply need to determine the shape of your face as well as your skin tone and from there you will be able to see which frames and color will look best on you.

There are three main points to consider when choosing eye glasses for the shape of your face. First, the eye wear that you choose should match your best personal feature, for example blue frames for blue eyes. Second, the frame should contrast with the shape of your face and third, the size of the frames should be in scale with the overall size of your face. While most faces are a combination of sizes and shapes, there are seven basic shapes that everyone falls into: oval, round, oblong, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond and square.

Once you have determined the overall shape of your face, you can move on to determining the color of your skin. There are three keys to color analysis that you can focus on to make this determination: everyone has either cool or warm coloring, everyone will look best in their own color base and eye glasses should compliment your personal coloring. The main factors that are used to determine what your best color palette will be are your skin, eye color and hair.

Once you have determined whether you fall into the “warm” skin tone category or the “cool” one, you can then move on to finding eye glasses that will suit you the best. Some frame colors that are typically best suited for warm skin tones are; camel, khaki, gold, copper or orange. For cool coloring, try black, rose-brown, plum, jade or even blue.

I advise you to ask someone to accompany you down to the optical shop when you decide to buy a new frame. Your friends or love ones can give you feedbacks on how each frame looks best on you. By gathering some feedbacks before you buy a particular frame, you will not regret your decision later.