Throw Out Your Glasses – Natural Way to See Clearly

Throw out your glasses while you are in need of it? Sounds like a mission impossible for those who are fully dependent from a pair of glasses or contact lenses. For years, glasses are well-known as a device to correct the eyesight so we can see clearly However, this kind of thing is not the best solution, especially for those who do not want to be disturbed by sliding down spectacles or heavy frame that cause black spot around the upper nose.

As the medical science improved with new inventories, there are some ways to make people who suffer myopia, amblyopia and other eye problems can see much clearer. One of them is contact lens. Just put the thin membrane like lenses onto the eyes, and voila! a clear as normal eyesight is obtained. However, there is still a weak side of contact lens. You must regularly clean up your lens so it will not harm your eyes from infection. Moreover, you can not do some kind of sports as free as you want, because it will harm your sight for the lenses are getting wet by your sweat.

So, how to throw out your glasses but you can see anything clearly? It’s so simple. There is a nice method which is called natural way to see clearly. This method firstly created in 1880 by Dr. William Horatio Bates, a New York ophthalmologist who thought, if broken bones could be healed, why couldn’t damaged eyesight? Dr. Bates said that glasses were harmful and never necessary. So he developed a method to make eyesight improved and even better, so people do not use glasses and contact lenses, or even do an expensive lasik surgery just to obtain the better eyesight. It’s not instantly correcting your eyesight, but it works when you do it.