The Pros of Contact Lenses Against Glasses

There are many advantages for contact lenses over glasses. When you’re in sports for example, or when it’s raining, your vision stays clear. But we can also speak about inconvenient conditions with special tools like headgear. One of the other advantages is the aesthetic part, as they are invisible and do not change your overall face and look.

Contact Lenses give you also a more natural vision than eyeglasses. There is no distortion and deformation of what you really see because the lenses are very near your cornea versus a little distance between your eyes and the lenses with glasses. You see the correct size, nothing too big or nothing too small.

Stability plays a role too. When you do sport or sudden movements your contact lenses do not move. Your performance is not altered by any variation of what you are seeing. It’s important if you need precision during your task.

The other point is that you have a more natural vision. For example, your peripheral vision is perfect. It’s nearly perfect because your contact materials are glued to every single movement of your eyes. When you wear glasses your peripheral vision is weak.

Another comfort of contact lenses is that they are insensitive to steam and fog. When it’s hot or very cold or with any perspiration, your vision is clear.

Many people do not like glasses because they leave marks on your nose and annoy your temples, your nose or your ears. Sometimes your glasses can slide down your nose and it’s very uncomfortable to move them up repeatedly. Contact lenses are not a problem in such conditions.

Finally, they are well designed for people after a cataract operation. They protect your eyes more than glasses. We can mention too that contact lenses are the only solution for people with a visual acuity of more than 2.5 diopters.

For psychological problems too, they performed better than eyeglasses. They do not alter your appearance and small kids at school cannot steal your glasses repeatedly. This advantage seems ridiculous but asks to your children if it’s important or not.