Factors Associated With Eyeglass Frame Selection

Many factors should be taken into account when choosing eyeglass frames. Nowadays, prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses are prevailing on the market. Eyeglasses can be a several-year investment that choosing an appropriate pair is quite necessary. In fact, many people nowadays wear regular eyeglasses and sunglasses with the purpose of being fashionable. Whichever purpose people have while choosing eyeglasses, they should consider generally three factors.

The first one is the wearer’s natural feature in which skin tone is the most decisive. Eyeglasses should repeat one’s best natural feature, rather than offset it. A basic point of skin tone is that there are mainly two basic tones: cool and warm. Cool tone is always blue-based, and the warm tone is yellow-based. All people in the world fall into these two main categories, although there are some complex tones such as olive skin. In fact, olive tone is considered as cool because it comes from the combination of blue and yellow. When it comes to eye color, there are also cool and warm tones. Purchasing eyeglasses should take skin color and eye color into account. Eyeglass frames as well as lenses should complement the wearer’s natural skin tone.

A second factor is the face shape. In general, eyeglasses frame shape should contrast a wearer’s facial shape. Individuals usually have different facial shapes. There are several basic facial shapes including round, oval, oblong, diamond and square. Most people can be divided into these common categories. The basic requirement that the frame shape should be in opposite to the facial shape is generic. In fact, different face shapes have their detailed characteristics that the best way is to try on interesting frames for a real feeling.

The third factor is face size. There is also a generic requirement in this sense that the frame size should be in scale with the wearer’s face size. An eyeglass frame that is too large or too small can not offer natural look. Customers choosing eyeglasses should keep all these three factors in mind.