Repair Your Eyeglasses on Your Own

Are you an eyeglasses wearer? Do you often come across accidents that make your eyeglasses broken; either loosening the screws or the nose pads out of position? Are you bothering and feel tired going between optical shops for repairing eyeglasses? If they are so, have you ever thought of repairing your eyeglasses on your own for convenience? As a matter of fact, some problems and distortions can definitely be adjusted by you and there are some tips below.

If you find one of the nose pads is setting too high on your face, which makes your eyeglasses unbalanced when worn, grasp the frame and take the nose pad and twist down to a position which you think may be parallel to the other one. If the nose pads are setting too low, the same method is adoptable but twisting up. If your eyeglasses are set low on your face, it means that the nose pads are needed to be adjusted by pushing them close together. Again grasp the frame, twist them in from both the top to the bottom, and then the glasses will be set higher on your face.

If your eyeglasses hinge is stretched out, use pliers to bend the hinge gently back into place. However, the pliers should be covered with masking or dust tape to avoid scratching the frames. If it is necessary, a rubber is needed to be wrapped over the loose hinge so as to hold it in place.

And then come to those tiny screws on frame. As we all know, with the day-to-day use, screws are easy to get loosened. If they are so, tighten with a tiny screwdriver. If you don’t have such a tiny screwdriver, the tip of a paring knife will serve as a one in a pinch. If the screw is lost or get rusted, replace one which you might buy from a professional store or remove one from a pair of used eyeglasses, pining it into the screw hole gently. If the screw is not suitable to the hole, do not force it, which may strip the threads inside the frame.

Tips above are some simple methods which may help you with some problems with your eyeglasses. If you want to know more, please go into the Vision Library of, in which more information concerned will be provided.