Prescription Eyeglasses Tips and Guide

Prescription eyeglasses are eyeglasses that have power. It is used to correct the eye vision. Though its main purpose is to provide vision correction, it can also be used for other purposes as well. For example, you can apply photochromatic or polarized treatment on the lens. By applying the photochromatic layer, the lens will automatically darken when it is exposed to the sunlight. The sunlight can cause damage to your eyes so you must wear sunglass to protect it.

The eyeglasses lenses can be divided into two varieties including plastic and glasses. There are many types of plastic lenses including high index, ultra high index, polycarbonate and glasses lens. The high index lens is thin. It is able to refract the light at a greater angle. If you have weak eye vision, the light will have to bend a greater angle in order to enable the person to see clearly. Such lens is suitable for people with serious eye problem. If you have serious eye problem, the lens of your eyeglass will be thick. With high index lens, you no longer have to wear thick lens. Ultra high index lens is thinner than the high index lens. It is approximately $20 more expensive than the high index lens. Such lens is also lighter than the high index lens. Polycarbonate lens is shatterproof and suitable for people who live active outdoor lifestyles. If you always perform outdoor activities, it is recommended that you buy the polycarbonate lens. Children eyeglasses are usually made from polycarbonate lens.

You can buy eyeglasses lenses from the online or offline store. If you have a small budget, it is recommended that you shop online. This is because it is easier to find cheap deals when shopping on the internet. Besides, most of the stores are offering the eyeglasses at half the usual price. You can apply coupon code to get discount from your total purchase. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of money and use your excess money to buy other things you need. You should always buy your eyeglass from a reputable store. If the store is not reputable, you are advised not to buy from it because there is a high chance that you will get cheated. The eyeglasses sold at the online stores are cheap because of no maintenance fee such as workers’ salaries, rental fee, inventory restock fee, and etc. is the fastest growing online prescription eyeglasses store selling high quality yet cheap glasses, prescription sunglasses and other eyewear. return and refund policy makes your purchase with risk-free.