A Look at Eyeglasses

Today is a large proportion of the people wear eyeglasses starting from children to elder people. The eyeglass wearers get used to their spectacles to such an extent that they do not even realize that they are wearing them unless and until it slides down their nose. Mostly people look for a 20/20 vision apart from the style of their frame. It is said that Nero the famous Roman emperor first made an emerald lens which was expensive and inefficient. In the previous days lenses were made from crystal glass, quartz, amethyst, beryl and topaz. Still today there is confusion about the fact whether it was the Italians or the Chinese who invented lenses. It was in the 16th century that the eyewear market started flourishing in Venice.

Today we find much advanced lenses. Prior to this the eyeglasses were tied to the ears with the help of a string. It is in the 18th century that it struck people to make eyeglasses with a rigid earpiece for support. Today the technology is so advanced that manufacturing of lenses have improved to a great extent. Soon the crystalline substances were replaced by high grade optical glass. With Sir Isaac Newton light refraction theory in the 17th century the precision lenses were been able to be made.

Today there are different types of glasses available to meet different eye problems. Today there are laminated lenses, photochromatic lenses and various types of plastic lenses available. Eye problems like hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism and squinting can arise due to age, genes and habits. People suffering from these eye problems need to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Eyeglasses are pretty expensive and thus a daily caring regime should be followed to elongate the life of the eyeglasses. Make sure of the fact not sit or step on them, after opening them make it a point not to keep them on the lenses and clean them regularly with a clean, dry cloth and wash them with soap water.

Till today people used to think that eyeglasses tend to spoil his or her looks but the designers have effectively used their talents to make eyeglasses that make you look more attractive and beautiful. The frames available today are more lightweight, durable, trendy, colorful and in almost all sizes. You can even match your eyeglasses according to the dresses in your wardrobe. You should go for shapes that match your face. But if you find eyeglasses cumbersome then you can go for contact lenses.

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