How to Avoid Scratched Eyeglass Lenses

Scratched eyeglass lenses can be difficult to see through. Once the lenses are damaged, a person can try to fix them with a scratch repair kit. But, that does not always work. If the scratches are too bad, replacement lenses or entire new eyeglasses must be ordered. Replacing them can be costly. To avoid the hassle and the cost, it is better to avoid getting the scratches in the first place. There are several ways to protect your eyeglass lenses.


Things You’ll Need:
Eyeglass case
Eyeglass spray
Non-ammonia window cleaner
Dishwashing liquid

1 Remove eyeglasses from your face and put them down so they are resting on the temples and lenses frames. Or, fold eyeglass temples inward and lay eyeglasses on a secure surface so they remain face up when you take them off. Better yet, store them in an eyeglass case when they are not in use.

2 Rinse eyeglass lenses off with plain water before you clean them. This will remove loose dirt and debris that can scratch the lenses, according to the Lens Care Guide (See references 1).

3 Wash eyeglass lenses with eyeglass spray or non-ammonia window cleaner. Wipe the spray or window cleaner around the lenses with a soft cloth. Then, wipe them dry with another soft cloth.

4 Place a drop of dishwashing liquid onto the left lens. Add a little warm water and gently rub the lens clean with your fingertips. Add more water if needed, and repeat with the right lens. Wash both sides of the lenses.

5 Rinse the dirt and dishwashing liquid off by holding the eyeglass lenses under
gentle-flowing tap water. Wipe the lenses clean with a soft cloth.

Tips & Warnings
Using a microfiber cloth to clean lenses works well to avoid scratched eyeglass lenses, according to All About Vision (See resources 1).
For the best results, read and follow the manufacturer care instructions that came with the eyeglass lenses.
Never use paper towels, napkins, or other rough materials to clean lenses..