How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames

It’s easy to think of glasses as making a person look ‘bookish’. But prescription glasses and readers have taken a cue from sunglasses these days and become fashion statements worn almost like jewelry! By choosing the right type of frame for your face and coloring, a pair eyeglasses can actually become a fashion statement and an asset to your looks!


1 The most trendy glasses are in a narrow rectangular shape, but here are many other styles that will look fashionable. Different designers are accentuating different sizing and shapes.

2 Have your eyeglasses blend with your own ‘look’. Think about what styles you like to wear. Do you like soft looks? Or do you prefer bold or bright colors and patterns? Are you into period styles like retro? Choose frames that will go with your taste. You might want several frames for different looks. If so, consider getting one classic style that you can keep for years.

3 Contrast your frames to compliment your face shape.

4 If you have an oval shaped face, you are lucky since you can get away with most frame styles and shapes. A good guide, though, is to have glasses that match the width of the widest part of your face.

5 If you have a round face, choose frames that are narrow and angular to offset the curves of your face.

6 A person with a square face can use the roundness of oval, curved, cat-eye or butterfly shaped glasses.

7 Heart shaped faces also look better with butterfly or cat-eye shapes, though you may have to try on more shapes to find the exact right one.

8 Triangular faces can be broader on the forehead side or the chin. If your face is narrow toward the forehead, you want to maximize your frames with bold colors and bigger frames. Those faces that are broad across the forehead will want to minimize accenting that part of the face with rimless or smaller glasses.

9 Don’t match frame colors to your eyes, but do match them to your skin tones. Warmer skin tones do better with the reds, oranges, peaches, bronzes, yellows, golds and greens whereas cooler skin tones will look better with blues, purples, hot pinks, silvers and whites.

10 You can have fun choosing the frames you like for your glasses. Make sure they are fitted properly and comfortable to wear. Express yourself with your own style, and hopefully, some of the above guidelines will help to make selection easier and more enjoyable.