How to Buy Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses and Save Money

How to buy prescription glasses for very little money


Things You’ll Need:
Eyeglass Prescription

•1 Log on to I love this site I have used them a lot and have always been extremely satisfied. I bought the Zenith glasses with lenses and they cost me $18 and that included shipping!!! I always get a ton of compliments on them when I do wear them (which is not very often I love contacts) The website also has a tool that will allow you to upload a photo of yourself to “try” on the glasses. It was very easy to do and kind of fun

•2 After you choose your frame they will give you options on the lenses. I get the lenses that come with them for free (they are durable). Next you will need to enter in the prescription or fax it to them. One very important note to remember on your prescription is to get the PD or Pupillary Distance: is the distance between the center of two pupils (center black dots between the eyeball)which is important to lens placement in your frames. Most doctors do not put this on the prescription but if you ask them they have to it is the law. They don’t want you to have this because they want you to buy from them with markups between 150-200% sometimes more.

•3 Enjoy your new glasses at a decent price. I am a frugal shopper but I do not live frugally.

Tips & Warnings
Always check the companies return policy. Sometimes what we think will be great will not look that great on us when we receive it.
Splurge and buy yourself a couple of pairs to go with your many diffrent moods.
Have Fun and Save Money.