How to Protect Eyeglass and Sunglass Hinges

Have a loose screw that keeps working its way out of the hinge of your glasses? Or maybe you’ve lost that tiny screw which can be very difficult to find. Locating a replacement screw, even harder.

Here’s a way to insure the arms stay connected to your glasses and the hinge screw doesn’t become loose in the future.


Things You’ll Need:
clear nail polish
eyeglass repair kit
tweezers or pliers

1. Purchase an eyeglass repair kit. They’re very cheap and can be found at most drugstores and pharmacies. Often times, they include rubber washers, and small nose pads. These kits come in handy and are compact enough to add to your travel bag or keep in the glove compartment of your car.

2.Remove the screw from the hinge of your glasses using the screwdriver included in the kit. If you don’t have the screw, find a replacement.

3.Use a clean non-fuzzy cloth to wipe off the old screw. Twist it inside the cloth to clean the threads.

4.Brush a small amount of clear nail polish onto the screw. Grasping the screw with a pair of pliers or tweezers will make it easier to apply the polish.

5.Return the screw to the hinge and tighten it before the polish dries. Loose screws in eyeglasses and sunglasses are more than a nuisance, they also can impact the way your glasses fit.