How to Buy Eyeglasses in Mexico

The process of buying eyeglasses in Mexico is similar to the process of buying them in the United States. The major difference is the language and the price, which will probably be exponentially cheaper than in the U.S. However, you should look for local stores since those intended for tourists will be more expensive.

things you’ll need:
A prescripton

1 Acquire a prescription. It does not necessarily have to be in Spanish, although that will be helpful. Keep in mind, however, that having a prescription does not guarantee that you will not need to have your eyes checked again in Mexico to verify your prescription.

2 Look for local stores that sell glasses. You may be able to find them using online classifieds or “clasificados,” using the newspaper–particularly in states close to the border–where some doctors advertise their cheaper prices, or by asking in your hotel. Stores may say a number of things, so look for signs that say “Se vende espejuelos” (glasses for sale), “Optometrista” (optometrist), or “medico de la vista” (vision doctor). You may also see combinations of these words together.

3 Try on glasses at the shop. Glasses should be displayed on racks and shelves similar to the way they are in stores in the U.S. Do not buy from back rooms or factories, unless you know enough Spanish to know that you are not buying stolen goods or putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

4 Buy the pair of glasses that you like the most. The glasses can be prepared quickly enough for you to pick up before leaving the country, or they can be shipped home for you.