How to Donate Eyeglasses to Charity

Each year, Americans throw away millions of pairs of used and unused eyeglasses. And while this may not seem like such a financial burden here, in African countries, eyeglasses can cost up to the equivalent of three paychecks. Donating unused or lightly used eyeglasses can make a huge difference in the lives of people who can’t afford them on their own. With little effort and cost to you, the value is huge for those in low-income families who need glasses to be able to live more productive and comfortable lives.


Things You’ll Need:
Old eyeglasses and/or sunglasses
Small shipping box or padded envelope

1 Pack unused or lightly used eyeglasses and/or sunglasses into a shipping box or padded envelope. Be sure to not put broken lenses into the package.

2 Locate a collection facility to drop off your package. Goodwill Industries stores, LensCrafters stores and Lions Club have drop boxes for your donations.

3 You may also mail your box or envelope to the following address: New Eyes for the Needy, 549 Millburn Avenue, P.O. Box 332, Short Hills, NJ 07078.

Tips & Warnings
Unclaimed eyeglasses for donation can be found in lost and found departments in hotels, restaurants and other stores.
Collect old eyeglasses from friends and family members to make a larger donation..