How to Order Eyeglasses Online

Ordering glasses online can be a simple process. However, before you proceed, you’ll need a few things, including your pupillary distance measurement. A pupillary distance measurement refers to the distance measured between the pupils in your eyes. Your optician will have you look into the distance in order to get the exact measurements. This is an important measurement to have, as you could develop eye strain if the lenses you order are off.


Things You’ll Need:
Pupillary distance measurement
Eye prescription

1 Have your optician perform a pupillary distance measurement procedure during your eye examination. Trying to get an accurate measurement yourself can be tricky.

2 Ask your optician to write an eye prescription for you.

3 Check out glasses while you’re at your optician’s. This will give you an idea of styles that suit your face and tastes.

4 Know your frame size. According to Frames Direct, you can identify your frame size by looking on a current pair of glasses you own or by looking at glasses in an optical store.

5 Choose a pair of eyeglasses that you like from an online eye store of your choice. Many optical websites have ways for you to upload an image of yourself and superimpose images of frames you’re interested in on your uploaded photo.

6 Keep your prescription nearby when you’re ready to purchase your eyeglasses. Most online eye stores will need you to fax, email or scan a copy of your prescription to them. Order your glasses after you’ve provided the necessary information.

Tips & Warnings
Model number, designer name and frame size can be located on the inside of an eyeglass frame, usually on the left side of the eye frame.
Keep in mind that some online eye stores may call your optician if there are any questions regarding your eye prescription..