How to Donate Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Donating your eyeglasses and sunglasses, instead of throwing them away, can make a difference to a needy, low-income individual. According to Charity Guide, four million pairs of unused eyeglasses go into the garbage in North America each year. Make a difference in a stranger’s life by donating your unwanted eyeglasses and sunglasses to a reputable charity or organization.


Things You’ll Need:
Protective cases/bubble wrap
Cardboard box
Masking/shipping tape

1 Choose a legitimate charity or organization that accepts eyeglass and sunglass donations. Popular organizations, such as LensCrafters, the Lions Foundation, Pearle Vision and Goodwill Industries actively accept and redistribute eyeglass and sunglass donations to needy individuals.

2 Contact the organization to verify that it’s still accepting eyeglass and sunglass donations. Also, ask the organization for the specific time it accepts donations. Many organizations will only accept donation drop-offs during specific days of the week or hours of the day. Visit the organization’s official website to locate its contact information.

3 Gather all eyeglasses and sunglasses you’re willing to donate. Separate and discard any damaged or broken glasses. Most organizations will not accept donations that are damaged or are not in good working condition. Wipe the remaining pairs of glasses clean with a soft cloth.

4 Place the eyeglasses and sunglasses in protective cases. If you don’t have protective cases for the glasses, wrap each pair of glasses in bubble wrap. Carefully put the glasses in a sturdy cardboard box. Tape the box shut with sturdy masking or shipping tape.

5 Deliver the eyeglass and sunglass donations to the organization or drop the glasses off at the organization’s donation box. You can find an organization’s official address or donation bins/boxes by visiting its official website. (See Resources)

Tips & Warnings
If you don’t want to deliver the donation in-person or by way of the organization’s donation bin, ship the items to the charity organization by mail. Make sure you use a padded envelope when shipping glasses by mail, as they could become damaged if not properly protected.
You can get a tax deduction for donating items to reputable non-profit charity organizations. Before donating your glasses to a charity, first check with the IRS to verify the organization’s legitimacy. Also, make sure you get a receipt of your donation from the organization as proof or documentation of your donation.
Depending on how many glasses you’re donating, shipping the items by mail can be very expensive.