How to Determine When to Adjust the Temple Piece on Eyeglasses

Each pair of eyeglasses has two temple pieces, also known as the arms. They’re located along the sides of the frame, meeting the lens area of the frame at hinges. The temple pieces have great importance as they help hold the eyeglasses on your head. Follow these simple steps to determine when to adjust a temple piece on your eyeglasses.


1 Put on your glasses and look at yourself in the mirror. You may note that your glasses are sitting askew, with one side of the frames sitting higher or lower than the other side. If this is the case, you will need to have your temple piece adjusted so the glasses sit straight on your face.

2 Examine your glasses. You will see that one temple piece probably appears bent. The piece can look bent either upwards or downwards in relation to the eyeglass frames.

3 Place your eyeglass frames upside down on a flat and hard surface, such as a table. If the temple piece on your eyeglasses needs an adjustment, you will see that the frames don’t appear balanced or stable when placed on a flat surface. You may note that the frames will rock when you touch them, and you can see that one side of the eyeglass frames will sit up off the flat surface. Any of these things means that you need to have the temple piece on your eyeglasses adjusted.

Tips & Warnings
You can choose to adjust the temple piece on your eyeglasses yourself, or you can take your eyeglasses to a local optician for an adjustment. Most opticians will adjust the temple piece on eyeglasses for free..Be careful when adjusting the temple piece on eyeglasses yourself. You don’t want to make any large adjustments or you can break the temple piece.
Avoid adjusting the temple piece near the hinge on the eyeglass frames. If you bend the hinge, it can break..