How to Keep Eyeglasses Fog-Free

Foggy eyeglasses can hinder your vision and therefore endanger your health and the safety of other individuals. According to the National Academy of Engineering, eyeglasses fog up when microscopic water beads up on the oily film present on the glass surface.Consider combining or trying a variety of different methods to successfully keep your eyeglasses fog-free.


Things You’ll Need:
Small-frame eyeglasses
Anti-fog wipe/spray
Liquid soap
Anti-fog coated eyeglass lenses

1 Choose eyeglasses that feature a small frame. Small-frame eyeglasses are lightweight, feature smaller lenses and fog up far less often than large-frame eyeglasses.

2 Clean your eyeglasses with an anti-fog wipe or spray. Read and follow all manufacturer label directions carefully before applying the solution to your eyeglasses.

3 Wipe your eyeglasses clean with liquid soap if you prefer not to use an anti-fog wipe or spray on your eyeglasses. Squirt a drop of liquid soap on a damp rag and rub it onto your eyeglass lenses. Allow the soap to soak onto the lenses for a few minutes. Take another damp rag and gently wipe your eyeglass lenses clean.

4 Invest in eyeglasses that feature an anti-fog coating on the lenses. According to All About Vision, anti-fog coating is applied to lenses before they are cut to fit into your frame at an optical lab. Consult with your eye doctor to determine availability and pricing options for anti-fog coated lenses.

Tips & Warnings
Consider getting contacts if you tire of keeping your eyeglasses fog-free. Set up an appointment with your optometrist or eye doctor to begin the process of getting contacts.

If you don’t want to use soap on your eyeglasses, use toothpaste instead. Place a dab of toothpaste on a dry rag and rub it onto the eyeglass lens. Allow the toothpaste to rest on the lenses for a few minutes. Wipe the eyeglasses clean with a separate dry rag.