How to Adjust Eyeglasses to Fit Comfortably on the Ears

New eyeglasses are not always adjusted properly to fit around the ears. After wearing a new pair of glasses, you may discover that they are uncomfortable or ill-fitting. A trip back to the eye doctor is unnecessary because uou can adjust the new frames yourself at home.


Things You’ll Need:
Eye glasses

Adjusting Eye glasses
1 Grip the frame just before the curve in the glasses at the ear piece.

2 Take your other hand, and grip just the other side of the curve at the end of the ear piece.

3 Place your thumb in the curve, and apply pressure to the end piece of the frame.

4 Straighten or bend the frames at the curve to make necessary adjustments for a proper fit.

5 If this does not correct the problem, readjust to your comfort.

Tips & Warnings
Do not bend and straighten often, or you may risk damaging the frames.