How to Donate Used Eyeglasses in Georgia

If you are finished with eyeglasses because of changes in prescription or style, you can give them new life. The Lions Club is the best-known organization giving eyeglasses to the underprivileged and under-insured. In Georgia, you have several options for donating.

Collection Boxes
The Lions Club sets up a collection box for used eyeglasses at businesses, churches and schools, so it is likely that some organization in your community already takes these donations. Contact the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, at, to find out where donations are accepted.

Donation Drives
In addition to collection boxes, organizations and individuals conduct donation drives, such as the Georgia LensCrafters eyeglass clinics. Stone Mountain teenager Yasmin Asser began a donation-by-mail drive in honor of her grandfather. Both work with the Lions Lighthouse Foundation.

The Lions Club cleans and sorts donated eyeglasses before redistributing them. In 2009, the Lighthouse Foundation provided over 4,400 eyeglasses to people in Georgia.