How to Weld a Broken Plastic Eyeglasses Frame

One false move is all it takes to break a pair of eyeglasses. But if the lenses are in good shape, it’s worth it to attempt a repair. Plastic eyeglass frames can be very costly to replace, particular if the wearer opts for designer glasses. But fortunately, they’re fairly easy to repair with the proper tools. A bit of finishing work and the eyeglasses will look good as new.


Things You’ll Need:
Paper towel
Rubbing alcohol
Rubber gloves
Plastic welder
Welding gloves
Welding glasses
Dremel tool with fine file attachment
Acrylic paint

1 Determine the type of plastic used in the frames; this will determine what type of plastic will be used for welding. This information is found in the inside edge of one of the arms. If the code is no longer visible, contact the manufacturer by phone or email to find out the plastic type. You can also make an educated guess by testing the plastic (see Resources) or consulting staff at a welding supply store.

2 Don rubber gloves and use a paper towel dampened with rubbing alcohol to clean the plastic. Oils from the face and hair are apt to be on the plastic, and this will prevent proper reattachment.

3 Don welding gloves and welding glasses, and insert a spool of the appropriate type of plastic wire into the plastic welder. Test the welder to ensure that it’s working and ready for the project.

4 Ask your helper to don rubber gloves before carefully aligning the two broken pieces of the eyeglasses frame. He must then hold the pieces together, maintaining proper alignment. It’s best to avoid using a clamp, as most clamps are too heavy duty, and you risk fracturing or denting the plastic.

5 Weld the two pieces of plastic by touching the plastic welder to the fracture point. Weld plastic around the entire fracture.

6 Allow the plastic to cool and harden for approximately 20 minutes.

7 Use a dremel tool with a fine file attachment to smooth the weld point on the exterior side of the frames (the side that is visible to others when you are wearing the glasses).

8 Use a matching acrylic paint to touch up the plastic and hide the weld. Allow the paint to dry and set for 24 to 36 hours before wearing the glasses.

Tips & WarningsAlways wear rubber gloves when handling the eyeglasses, as skin oils can make for a weak weld and oils can damage the lenses.
Use caution when handling the eyeglasses to avoid scratching the lenses.
Never try to use a metal welder to weld plastic–it won’t work and it will damage the plastic..