How to Measure Eyeglass Temple Lengths

Eyeglasses consist of the lenses and the frame components. The frame width, bridge and the length of the temples configure the fit while you are wearing them. If your eyeglass frames break and you need to replace them, you will need the measurements to order frames that fit the lenses. Ordering replacement frames saves over the cost of ordering an entire new pair of eyeglasses with lenses.


Things You’ll Need:
Measuring tape

1 Open the eyeglasses and lay them on their side on a table. Set them down on the table with one temple touching the table and the other in the air.

2 Place a strip of paper on the temple facing up where it meets the hinge near the lens. Hold the paper in place at the hinge and wrap it around the entire temple to the tip that rests behind your ear.

3 Mark the tip of the temple measurement on the paper with a pen.

4 Remove the paper from the temple and lay it flat on the table. Measure the distance from the hinge to the mark with a measuring tape for the temple length.