How to Clean Eyeglasses Splashed With Sweet Liquid

Eyeglasses get dirty, but some substances cause more problems that others. Sweet liquids made with sugar can splash onto your glasses and damage them if it remains on your lenses for too long.


Things You’ll Need:
Hot water
Soft, non-abrasive cloth

1 Find a restroom as soon as the sweet liquid splashes onto your glasses. Waiting to clean sweet liquid off of your glasses could result in the liquid hardening and embedding into the lens.

2 Turn on the hot water faucet to a medium stream. A hard and fast stream of water may end up splashing the liquid off your glasses and onto you.

3 Wash your hands with soap and water.

4 Remove your glasses by using both hands to grab the arms close to your temples and gently taking them off. Handling your glasses this way helps to protect your glasses’ shape.

5 Place your eyeglasses under the stream of water so that the sweet liquid dissolves and washes away. Move the lenses under the stream to rinse the entire surface of the lens. When the sticky liquid has washed away, use your fingers to gently rub both sides of the lenses.

6 Dry the glasses with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Use a cloth designed to clean lenses if you have it. Use the underside of your shirt as a last result, as the fibers in the shirt could be abrasive to the lens, even if they seem soft to you.

Tips & Warnings
Always carry an extra-soft, non-abrasive cloth to use for eyeglass cleaning. Cloths made out of microfiber are a good choice.
Don’t air dry your eyeglasses. While it may be tempting to allow the glasses to dry by themselves, wiping your glasses ensures that you have wiped away all of the sticky liquid. Wiping also prevents spots.
Never attempt to wipe sweet liquids off of lenses without washing them with water first..Don’t use soap when cleaning your eyeglasses. The soap may streak your glasses or leave a tough residue on them.