How to Repair Broken Eyeglasses at Home

You can repair your broken eyeglass frames at home if necessary. Most repairs are considered temporary and are done to help you get by until your eye care practitioner replaces your frame or glasses with new ones. Several do-it-yourself repairs are done easily with just a few tools and items you probably already own. Fix your own eyeglasses at home in just a few steps.


Things You’ll Need:
Small screwdriver
Eyeglass repair kit
Nail polish remover
Fast bonding glue

1 Spread a towel over your work area surface. In case any small parts fall, you will find them easier. Replace any missing screws. Tighten all screws by placing the frame so it is resting on your work surface with the head of the screw pointing up. Some frames have screws on the bottom side of the frame, slightly hidden. Check all sides of the frame for hidden screws. Inexpensive eyeglass repair kits are sold in most major department stores and optical retail shops and contain different sizes and types of screws commonly used in most eyeglass frames, and small screwdrivers.

2 Reattach broken temples, the part of the frame that rests on your ear, or hinges with glue. Be sure to clean off any old glue from previous repairs with nail polish remover. Frame parts are either metal or plastic. Use the proper type of glue designed for the material you are repairing.

The hinge holds the front of the frame to the temples. The broken hinge may be attached to the front of the frame or to the temple. Use a toothpick and dab a little glue in the hole where the hinge fits. Insert the hinge and hold for 60 seconds. Depending on the repair, you may not be able to open and close the temple once the hinge is adhered. Use caution when taking your glasses on and off.

3 Fix bent metal frames by reshaping the end piece, located at the outer edge of the top of the frame front. This holds the temples to the front of the frame and can become bent. Cover the pliers’ tips with tape to prevent scratching the metal frame. Grasp the front of the frame with one hand and cover the end piece with the pliers’ tips and compress gently. Bend slightly to widen or tighten the end piece.

4 Repair a broken bridge, the part of a metal or plastic frame that sits on the nose, with tape or glue.Tape is a temporary fix and is bulky and unsightly but does work in emergencies. Wrap tape tightly around the two pieces of broken frame until the frame feels stable. Have someone else hold the frame while you wrap the tape. Glue is also used to hold broken plastic frames at the bridge but does not hold long. Be careful not to get glue on your lenses.

Tips & Warnings
Most home repairs for broken eyeglass frames should be considered temporary. Ask your eye care professional to double-check any home repair to make sure your lenses are held in place properly. Most optical offices will check the fit for free.