How to Change Eyeglass Frames Without Changing Lenses

It is possible to change your eyeglass frames without changing lenses under certain circumstances. Your prescription lenses are individually designed to sit in your frame and in a certain place in front of your eyes. An eye care professional can help you determine if the new frame you choose will work with your existing lenses.


1 Take your current glasses and a copy of your prescription with you to an optical retail outlet or an eye doctor’s office that sells glasses.

2 Look for frames in the new style that you like but that are slightly smaller than your current frame. Hold your glasses up to the new frames to measure. To do this hold them together with the front of the frames facing each other.

3 Pick at least four or five frames that you would like to wear. The more choices you can find, the more likely you will find a frame to fit.

4 Choose frames that are plastic and metal but pick more plastic if possible. Many optical offices and stores will put your existing lenses into a new plastic frame, usually while you wait or within a few hours. Metal frames are less likely to work and will require sending your lenses to the lab to be ground down to fit.

5 Ask the optician to measure your current lenses to see if they will fit in the frames you have chosen. He will want to check your prescription in your current frame and also measure how your current glasses sit on your face. He may also need to see a copy of your written prescription or call your eye doctor to verify certain numbers or details about your vision correction.