How to Shape Memory Titanium Eyeglass Frames

Titanium is a good choice for frame wearers because it is extremely strong, hypoallergenic and durable. Memory titanium frames are very flexible, but the frames can still become bent or come out of shape. Care should be taken when adjusting a titanium frame.


1 Cover the lenses with a small, soft towel to protect them from scratching. Hold the covered lenses upright, as if they were sitting on your face.

2 Adjust the frame up or down. Grasp the temple, the part of the frame that fits over your ear, and gently move it up to lower the frame on your face or move it down to raise the frame. Bend with gentle force until the temple moves.

3 Move just one temple if a frame is sitting crooked on your face, with one lens higher. If the right side is lower, bend the right temple down. If the left side is lower, bend the left temple down.

4 Tighten or loosen the fit of a titanium memory frame by moving the temples in or out. Hold the frame as in step one but bend the temples in slightly to tighten the frame or out to loosen.

Tips & WarningsIf you are unable to fix your frame, most optical retail outlets will adjust titanium memory frames for no charge..