How to Reduce Scratches In Eyeglass Lenses

One of major problems with eyeglasses is that the lenses are always getting dirty with dust, fingerprints and worst of all scratches. As much money is spent on eyewear every year or two, much care should be taken when cleaning the lenses to ensure the quality of vision is at its best when staring through them.


1 First, in order to clean lenses properly, never wipe the lenses of any eyewear with clothing. No matter how soft the clothing, lenses should never be cleaned with it because detergents in the clothing could cause scratching. This scratching could impede vision through the lenses.

2 Second, never wipe eyeglass lenses when they are dry. The best time to clean lenses is after wetting them or with a wet cloth. The reason for this is that dust on the lenses could potentially scratch the lenses because they haven’t been rinsed first with water. Therefore, rinse the lenses to wash all the dust from them and then wipe.

3 Finally, only use an eyewear approved lens cloth or lint free Kleenex to wipe eyeglass lenses clean. There are not detergents in these materials, therefore, they dramatically reduce the chances of your high priced lenses getting destroyed by scratches. Be certain to also spray lenses with an approved eyeglass lens cleaner.