How to Clean Your Eyeglasses With Armour Etch

When eyeglass lenses become scratched and hard to see through you might think it is time to get new glasses. To save money and avoid the hassle of ordering new lenses, you can remove scratches quickly and effectively using the glass etching product, Armour Etch. Armour Etch is available at most craft and art supplies for less than $10, as of September 2010.


Things You’ll Need:
Vinyl gloves
Cotton swabs

1 Put on vinyl gloves to ensure your skin does not get damaged from the Armour Etch.

2 Apply a penny-sized drop of Armour Etch cream to each lens of the glasses.

3 Using your index finger rub the cream around on each lens using a circular motion. Continue to rub for about five minutes. Make sure to cover the entire surface of each lens.

4 Rinse the cream off in the sink using warm water. Be sure to remove as much residue as you can. Using a T-shirt, or any other piece of smooth fabric, dry the lenses of the glasses. Do not use paper towel because it will deteriorate and leave paper towel pieces on the lenses.