How to Buy Eyeglasses Cheap

Eyeglasses are a necessity for many people, but even with insurance they get very expensive. This article will give all the information needed to confidently buy a high quality pair of glasses for a fraction of the cost from online retailers such as


1 You will need to obtain a copy of your current eyeglass prescription from your eye doctor, if you don’t already have one. While you are at the eye doctor it would be a good idea to ask an associate if they would measure your pupillary distance and write it down for you, this is the distance between the center of your eyes. Otherwise it is very easy to take this measurement at home, all you need is a ruler with millimeters and either a helpful friend or a mirror. The average pupillary distance is 62mm.

2 Go to your preferred online eyeglass retailer, is highly recommended for high quality and very low prices. Now spend a little time picking out the glasses, sunglasses,or sports goggles that you like. Many sites offer discounted or free shipping for additional orders.

3 You will now be faced with the most intimidating part, the options and specs for your new glasses. But with your prescription and a little knowledge its a piece of cake. Fill in your prescription and pupillary distance, now choose if you want a tint. This could range from a slight tint to full sunglasses, or choose photochromic lenses if you want the tint to transition based on the amount of light. You will also get options for anti-reflective coating, bifocals, and mid or high index lenses. When choosing between mid or high index lenses just remember that the higher the number the thinner and lighter the lense will actually be.

4 Now that you have made all of your selections all you need to do is place your order and wait, and soon you will have a great looking pair of glasses for as little as 10% of what you might pay at your eye doctor.