How to Repaint Chipped Eyeglass Frame

Since eyeglasses are worn on a daily basis, they endure a lot of wear and tear. Most people try to extend the use of their eyeglasses as long as possible due to the cost of purchasing a new pair. Often the paint on eyeglass frames chips off, while the functionality and lenses of the glasses remain in good shape. Instead of suffering with shabby-looking glasses, try repainting the frame to make them look like new again.


Things You’ll Need:
Masking tape
Spray primer
Metal spray paint

1 Use scissors to cut out four pieces of plastic that are the same shape and size as the frames of the glasses.

2 Place one piece of plastic over the outside of one lens and apply tape around the perimeter of the plastic. Make sure that no part of the lens is exposed. If necessary, fill in any gaps with additional masking tape. Repeat this process with the exterior surface of the other lens, as well as the inside of both lenses.

3 Place a piece of newspaper over a flat work surface and lay the glasses on top of the paper. Make sure that the arms of the glasses are fully extended.

4 Apply a spray primer to the frame of the glasses in short, smooth strokes. Allow the frames to dry for 15 minutes and then turn them over. Apply primer to any sections of the frame that were missed with the first application.

5 Allow the eyeglass frames to dry for an additional 20 minutes.

6 Apply a metal grade epoxy spray paint to the eyeglass frames in short, even strokes. Multiple layers of paint may be applied if necessary. Allow the paint to dry for 15 minutes and then turn the glasses over to paint any bare spots.

7 Allow the eyeglass frames to dry for 24 hours to allow the paint to cure so that it resists future chips and scratches.

8 Remove the masking tape and plastic from the eyeglass lenses.

Tips & Warnings
When applying paint, make sure the work surface is in a well-ventilated location.