How to Fix Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are very fragile and relatively expensive to fix or replace if they break. While some fixes may be temporary, there are several ways you can fix your eyeglasses, either until you can see a professional or for permanent use.

Things You’ll Need:
Screw suitable to replace missing one
Small screwdriver
Thin wire
Very hot (but not boiling) water

1 Assess the damage to your eyeglasses. Has the lens popped out? Has a screw loosened? Look at your eyeglasses carefully and note the damages. Gather the necessary materials once you’ve assessed the damage and know what to do to fix your eyeglasses.

2 Insert the screw into the hole of the eyeglasses and tighten loose or missing screws. You can also tighten the existing screw while the arms of your eyeglasses are open (as if they are on your face).

3 Use thin wire and pliers if you don’t have a screwdriver and a screw. Insert the wire in the hole where the screw should be located. Wrap the wire around the inside of the frame a few times before twisting the ends with the pliers so they don’t scratch you or the glasses. Again, work with the arms of your eyeglasses open.

4 Use wire or a screw to secure it again if your lens pops out and you have metal frames. Insert the wire or screw into the hole where the screw is supposed to be located, and tighten with a screwdriver or tighten the ends of the wire with pliers.

5 Use hot water to mold the frame into a tighter position if your metal or plastic frames are loose. Place the glasses in hot water for about two minutes. Once the glasses are hot, remove the glasses and bend the arms to the position you would like. Do not force the arms to bend, or they may break. Gently use your forefinger and thumb to meld the frame. If the frame is too cool to bend, place it back into the water.