How to Find the Prescription on Eyeglasses

Just because someone wears contact lenses or eyeglasses doesn’t mean she knows what the prescription is or what it means. Optometrists measure on a scale. The further you move away from “0,” the worse your eyesight. If you are farsighted, your prescription will have positive numbers; if you’re nearsighted, you’ll have negative numbers. You can figure out the prescription on your eyeglasses a few different ways. But if you’re noticing that your eyeglasses are no longer helping you as they used to, you may need to get a new prescription.


Things You’ll Need:
Different eyeglasses

1 Look to the bottom, right-hand corner of the right lens. Typically, there will be a small, clear sticker stating the prescription of the eyeglasses. This is common for most eyeglasses that treat people who are farsighted.

2 Look at your prescription. Your optometrist’s prescription will be your eyeglass prescription. The numbers on the prescription will be the same as the prescription in your glasses.

3 Take the glasses to an optometrist or any optical store. They will compare your prescription to that of different prescription lenses to figure out your own eyeglass prescription.

4 Get an eye exam. If your glasses are new, an eye exam will tell you what prescription you need. That prescription will be on your glasses.