How to Remove Eyeglass Coating With Vinegar

The acetic acid in vinegar can help remove greasy film, dust and dirt from your eyeglasses. This natural cleanser removes oily eyeglass coating and leaves no chemical residue. Vinegar evaporates quickly and is a thrifty alternative to expensive glass cleansers


Things You’ll Need:
Warm water
White vinegar
Soft cloth
Spray bottle or small vial with eyedropper

1 Add full strength vinegar to a small vial or dilute it with an equal portion of water in a small spray bottle.

2 Rinse your eyeglasses under warm water to remove any dirt or other abrasive material that could scratch the lenses, then gently dry them.

3 Spritz your eyeglasses with the vinegar solution or use the eyedropper to dab a couple of drops of the full-strength vinegar from your vial onto the lenses.

4 Gently rub the lenses with the cloth and vinegar to remove any eyeglass coating