How to Measure Eyeglass Frame Sizes

Shopping for new eyeglasses can be a daunting task, considering the multitude of frame sizes and shapes that are out there. Measure frames you like so you can search for similar sizes. You can also use these measurements to order custom-made frames from certain distributors. For both appearance and comfort reasons, your frames should fit snugly but not tightly


Things You’ll Need:
small ruler or tape measure with millimeter measurements
pair of frames that fits subject

1 Read any small numbers carved on the bridge of the frames. These refer to lens and nose-width measurements, taken in millimeters, or mm. If there is a third number, it usually refers to temple length. Record these numbers.

2 Measure height and width of your lens, from edge to edge of the frame — not the lens — on one eye only. Be sure to use a straight vertical or horizontal line, not a diagonal. Record both measurements.

3 Measure the total frame width and height. Viewing the glasses from the front, use the widest points on the frame, as well as the tallest or lowest points, to determine maximum measurements. Be sure to use a straight vertical or horizontal line, not a diagonal. Record both measurements.

4 Measure bridge or nose width by finding the minimum space between the lenses in the space where your nose goes. Or, measure from edge to edge of the bridge piece above the space for your nose. Record.

5 Measure from one hinge — where the glasses bend — to the other. Record this as your hinge-to-hinge measurement.

6 Measure from the hinge to the end of the arm. Record this as your temple length.

Tips & Warnings
All measurements should be recorded in mm..Keep in mind that many of these measurements can vary slightly, so your new glasses may not feel exactly the same as your old ones.
If you have oddly shaped lenses, as opposed to just a circle or oval, try to find the measurements that include the maximum height or width.
Use the results from your optician’s exam before the measurements you take at home, if possible.
If your measurements don’t match the ones carved into the frame, try measuring again, as you may have done something wrong..