How to Repair Prada Eyeglasses

Prada is a well known designer that makes everything from clothes to bags to eyeglasses. While the glasses are stylish and of good quality, they do require some attention now and then like all glasses. Luckily most repairs can be done at home for relatively little money and little time wasted. So before you head to your local eyeglass retailer for adjustments or purchase a new pair try these simple steps.


Things You’ll Need:
Eyeglass screwdriver
Eyeglass repair kit
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton swabs

1 Lay the Prada eyeglasses on a towel to both protect the glasses and stop any removed pieces from rolling onto the floor. Be sure to work under a sufficient light source as the pieces are small and easy to misplace.

2 Remove the screws from each hinge with a small eyeglass screwdriver. The hinges are located at the connection points between each arm and the glass frame.

3 Clean both hinges and the screws with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Then reassemble the arms by reinserting the two screws. Be careful not to over tighten.

4 Inspect the nose pads. For most models of Prada glasses these should simply pry off. However, for some there is a small screw that must first be removed. Take the nose pads off and clean these with rubbing alcohol as well. Then reattach them.

5 Clean the lenses to remove any smudges with a clean cloth and water.