How to Fix Spring-Loaded Eyeglasses

Daily wear of eyeglasses can result in minor damage. You can accomplish simple eyeglass repair without visiting a vision center. Usual eyeglass damage occurs in the form of hinge damage. The hinges hold together the lenses and frames, which tiny screws connect. Sometimes, the screws loosen or fall out, causing the frames to fall apart. Tighten the screws within the hinges in order to successfully fix spring-loaded eyeglasses.


Things You’ll Need:
Eyeglass repair kit

1 View both hinges on the eyeglasses, located on the outside edge of each lens. Examine the hinge to see if the screw is loose or missing.

2 Place the glasses on a flat surface. The surface provides the leverage needed to repair the glasses. If the lens happened to have popped of the frame, replace it back in its rightful slot. Hole the lens in place using your two hands.

3 Replace the screws in the eyeglasses’ hinge. Using the eyeglass repair kit, insert a screw into the hinge. Tighten the screw into the hinge using the supplied eyeglass screwdriver. Repeat this process with the hinge on the opposite side.

Tips & Warnings
You can purchase eyeglass repair kits from virtually any grocery and convenience store.
If the eyeglasses are severely damaged, a professional should make the repairs instead..