How to Find Eyeglasses in Ohio

Trouble with vision can have a major impact on your quality of life, so it is important to find the right doctor. An appropriately prescribed pair of eyeglasses can help you get a better look at James Brown’s tuxedo jacket in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame or James Garfield’s tombstone in the Lake View Cemetery.


1. Visit a major health insurance provider’s website to find an eye doctor in Ohio. You may be able to perform this search whether or not you have vision coverage. Many major insurance companies will allow you to search as a guest to find qualified optometrists who can prescribe prescription eyeglasses. If your insurance does not cover vision services, you will need to pay for the eyeglasses and any necessary eye exams out of pocket.

2. Visit the Chamber of Commerce’s website to find optometrists in Ohio. Enter “optometrist” in the keyword search field and your city, state or zip code in the location field. Choose from the list of eye doctors and make an appointment for an eye exam. Once your eyesight has been evaluated, try on different eyeglass frames to select one that is appropriate for you.

3. Visit the websites of major vision health providers to find a location near you. Find an Ohio location through a link to “find a store” or “locations.” You may search by city name or zip code to find the closest location to your home or workplace.