How to Determine Eyeglass Prescription

An eye exam will evaluate your eye strength and vision and the eye doctor will then recommend whether corrective lens are needed. Most eye doctors are private practice doctors and encourage their patients to buy frames and lenses through their practice to maximize profits. Before you purchase corrective lenses ask for a second opinion and determine whether or not you have an accurate prescription. You will find that often times you can purchase cheaper frames and lenses through drug stores, optical stores, and online retailers.


1. Request your eye glass prescription the next time you have your eyes examined. According to the Federal Trade Commission, when a patient requests a copy of his prescription, his doctor is compelled to provide it. Most health insurance plans do not cover the costs of glasses. An eyeglass prescription is valid for up to two years in most cases, due to the fact that vision can change frequently.

2. If you already have working eyeglasses, but need the prescription, take the glasses to an optical store. An onsite technician can determine your prescription in your lenses by evaluating the lenses on a lensometer machine. This service is often free of charge and can be used to purchase new glasses without paying the costly eye examination fee. Forgoing an eye examination should only be done if your vision is still clear with the prescription you currently have, ultimately you should follow the recommendation of an eye care professional.

3. If you need reading glasses visit your local drug store and find the reading glasses section. Bring a book with you to gauge how effective the prescription is. Start testing out different strengthens of lenses. This trial and error method will allow you to find a pair of lenses and frames that are comfortable to wear and help your vision.

Tips & Warnings
Research an online optical dispensary and send them your prescription to have your eyeglasses done. This can be a resourceful way to find cheaper frames and lenses..