How to Clean an Eyeglass Lens

If you wear prescription glasses, they have probably cost you quite a bit of money. They are also the only way you can see clearly. As a result, you want to make sure your glasses are properly cared for. One of the most important aspects of eyeglass care is keeping the lens clean. It’s surprising how much dirt can build up on them, so it is very important to clean your eyeglass lens every day.


Things You’ll Need:
Lint free cloth
Liquid soap
Eyeglass spray
Warm water

1. Take a dry, lint free cloth and gently wipe both sides of each lens if your glasses are just slightly dirty.

2. Squeeze some liquid soap on your fingers and gently apply it to each lens. Rinse the soap off in some warm water. Put the glasses down on a flat surface to air dry if you don’t need to put them back on immediately. Don’t rest them on the lens as they are likely to get scratched. Otherwise, use the lint free cloth to dry the lens.

3. Spray a special eyeglass cleaner onto the lens and wipe it off with the lint free cloth. You can but these sprays at your opticians or at a drug store and use them instead of soapy water.

Tips & Warnings
You can take your glasses to your optician who can give them an ultrasonic clean. This will deep clean the frames as well.
Be careful not to bend the frames when you wash your glasses..