How to Read Eyeglass Frame Measurements

The measurement of frames is very important for wearing glasses properly. Frame manufacturers put the sizes on the frame in different locations. Understanding where to look will help you know how to read the measurements of your frame.


Things You’ll Need:
Ruler with millimeters

1 Examine frames for small print or writing on the temples, also called the “arms” or ear pieces, the part of the frame that rests on your ears.

2 Look for three numbers, usually 135, 140 or 145 or something similar. This is the measurement length of the temple and is measured in millimeters.

3 Examine the bridge of the frame. Look for two sets of numbers. These will be written as two numbers separated by an x or a dash (-). The first set of numbers, for instance 50, will be the size of the lenses. The second number, such as 20, will be the measurement of the bridge between the lenses.

4 Look for numbers on the opposite temple if you cannot locate lens and bridge size on the inside of the bridge. Frame manufacturers will sometimes print the information on the temples instead.

5 Use a ruler with millimeters to measure a frame if the numbers have worn off. Measure the temple with the “arm” straightened out. Measure the lenses across the widest part of the lens

Tips & Warnings
Frame measurements are universal and measured in millimeters. But frame size is not like shoe size. Because frames vary in shape and size, a measurement of one frame on you will not likely be the exact same for another frame..