How to Remove Krazy Glue From Eyeglasses

When you use Krazy Glue you have to be careful not to get it on anything you don’t want glued or stained. Surfaces such as varnish, fabric and some synthetics can be ruined with Krazy Glue; but if you’ve gotten the adhesive on your eyeglasses, you may be able to remove it quickly and safely.


Things You’ll Need:
Protective latex gloves
Small cotton swab
Nonabrasive cloths
Solvent containing nitromethane

1 Buy a nitromethane or de-bonding solvent from your local hobby store. This product is less harsh than acetone or nail polish remover.

2 Wear protective latex gloves.

3 Cover a small cotton swab with a nonabrasive cloth. Dip the swab in the nitromethane.

4 Gently rub the soaked swab on an inconspicuous part of your eyeglasses to make sure that your glasses do not have a special coating that will be ruined by solvent. Wait until the area is dry.

5 Wait 30 minutes and then inspect the spot on your eyeglasses where you previously used solvent. If there is damage, or if the plastic looks dull, stop using the solvent and visit your eyeglass retailer or optometrist for further help.

6 If you do not notice damage on your eyeglasses, dip your cotton swab in more solvent and rub it gently on the Krazy Glue.

7 Let the area dry and continue reapplying the nitromethane until all the glue is gone.

8 Run your glasses under warm water and dry with a nonabrasive cloth to remove any last traces of nitromethane

Tips & Warnings
Do not use acetone on nail polish remover on your lenses as this may dull the plastic..