How to Remove Scratches From Eyeglasses

Scratches can occur on eyeglasses when they are dropped or improperly stored. Removing scratches from eyeglasses isn’t as difficult as it might sound, depending on the mark’s depth. Removing the scratches can help you see clearly from the spectacles once again.


Things You’ll Need:
Clean rag
Three-in-one oil
Lens cleaner
Sandford marker
CD/DVD cleaning solution

1 Clean your eyeglasses regularly with a soft handsoap and water. The dirt and grime in between your frames is not just unsightly, it builds up and can cause further damage to the lenses. Use a lens cleaner or some three-in-one oil to protect the plastic lenses and make future scratches easier to remove.

2 Draw over the scratch with a special marker such as Sandford’s White Peel-Off China Marker. The material from the marker gets into the scratch, filling in the microscopic cracks. Buff the surface to a shine with a soft cloth, and they’re good as new. This method works particularly well with smaller scratches.

3 Apply a CD- or DVD-cleaning solution and follow the directions on the packaging. You’ll apply a spray or solution and then remove the excess. These kits remove larger scratches from your digital discs, and they’ll work on your eyeglass lenses, too. Experiment with an anti-dust spray such as Pledge, or other kinds of household sprays.

4 Buff the scratch away with a progression of cloths. If you work on it hard enough, a soft chamois cloth can remove the scratch. Don’t use cloths that are too hard, as they could just make the scratch worse or create more.

5 Bring your glasses to a professional to see if repair work can be done on the lenses. If a scratch is just too big or too unsightly, there may not be much that can be done. A professional should have the last word before you replace the lens.