How to Donate Prescription Eyeglasses

Getting ready to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses? You may have a new prescription, or maybe your current eyeglasses are out of style. Have you thought about what you will do with your old pair of prescription eyeglasses? You can either throw them away, put them in a drawer or you could donate them to someone less fortunate that needs a pair, but can’t afford to buy them.

Lions Clubs International is a charitable organization that raises funds for campaigns such as SightFirst to battle preventable blindness. Lions Club International also will recycle your donated eyeglasses and distribute them to people in developing countries or other parts of the world where people can’t afford to buy them. By donating your old pair of prescription eyeglasses, you will be giving someone the gift of sight.


1 Wipe down your glasses with a soft cloth, make sure to clean the lenses and the nose pieces. Inspect the pair of eyeglasses to make sure nothing is broken; Lions Clubs International will not accept broken eyeglasses.

2 Contact your local Lenscrafters, Pearl Vision or Goodwill to make sure it has a Lions Clubs International donation box located in the store. If you’re not located near one of these stores, call your personal eye doctor, she may have a donation box, or she may know where else you can go to donate your eyeglasses.

3 Obtain a receipt from the donation center. You will need this receipt in order to use this donation as a tax deduction.